Looking for Support? So are we!

August 7, 2017


The primary goal of this site is to give support to people who are in and around the world of ADHD in some capacity – in a wide range of circumstances, we hope! We intend to begin face to face support meetings in the Adelaide metro area SOON – and with your help, spread these to be state wide.

We also hope to get specific information to help you find doctors, allied health professionals, treatment, coaching, support and any other help or information you might need, specific to South Australian residents. And we hope to remain UP TO DATE!

There was a network ADDASA who were helpful for us previously, however their information has since become out of date, and it seems the organisers have unfortunately wound down for the most part at least, and so we hope to pick up where they left off, and give our state the best grass roots peer support network out there.

If you’re from ADDASA or were involved and want to keep on keeping on – get in touch! Ideally we can join heads and make something spectacular of this attempt 🙂

Are you looking for a support network of some kind to help you navigate the world with ADHD? Were you diagnosed recently as an adult and need some guidance? Are you new to Adelaide or South Australia and want to make friends with people who ‘get you’?

Mums, Dads and other family members – would you like to find others in your shoes? Would you like to see what ADHD becomes in adulthood? Need some reassurance, or some support?

What about information from the horses mouth? We are strongly in support of the supporters to those with ADHD (in kids and adults) getting an idea of the condition from people who actually have it – and sometimes an adult with ADHD is your ideal go-to. We’ve found information provided by the health professionals, websites, standard and well-respected resources in most cases – don’t really explain it very well at all.

Do you want to know more about 2E? What its like having giftedness AND a disability?

Inattentive vs Hyperactive – we can show you these things in action and how they vary.

Girls with ADHD – we can get you in touch with informative supporters who can give you insight into being female with the condition.

Does ADHD seem WAY BIGGER THAN IT SOUNDS in your real life, or for your spouse, child, friend or other loved one?

Would you like to see the depth and breadth of what ADHD really looks like?

Hear about challenges and talents that aren’t on the diagnostic criteria list?


Whatever brought you here – until we’re more developed on the site PLEASE get in touch! We’d be happy to help with our own support, or to point you in the right direction as best we can until resources are readily available and uploaded.


2 thoughts on “Looking for Support? So are we!

  1. A psychologist I saw yesterday does not believe in ADD.
    She told me its my responability to go get what our brain needs. Endorphins and Dopamine. Getting this through excercise and propper diet.
    All well and true, but, if she does not recognize how my brain limits me in 1.organizing myself, 2.staying focused, 3. Deal with impulsivity 4. the depression that imobalizes me because I cant achieve the basics!!!!! How can she help me inmy recovery????
    Its like saying to an individual who has no arms and legs “go excercise and eat well”
    What dam crap! Im so upset that this took over my day!!!!!

    It will be nice to hear from somebody out there.



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